Mobile Intensive Care Stretcher (micus-aero)

The micus-aero is a mobile intensive care stretcher designed for seamless repatriation of patients from “bed-to-bed”, without changing between different stretcher systems and life support equipment.



Sometimes, intensive care needs to be mobile
The micus-aero intensive care stretcher is built to provide intensive care to patients during interhospital transports, without interuption in life support, from “bed-to-bed”.

It is the only true “bed-to-bed” solution that is designed to meet aviation and road ambulance requirements.


Increases patient safety

The micus-aero concept increases patient safety by offering a true “bed-to-bed” intensive care solution.

Improves working environment

The micus-aero concept reduces the risk of stress and work-related injuries among staff.

Facilitates compliance with rules and regulations

The micus-aero concept makes it easier to comply with the complex rules and regulations for air ambulances and road ambulances.

Cost efficient and safe

The micus-aero concept increases efficiency and safety in secondary transports.
Uninterupted life support from “Bed to Bed”
“Bed to Bed” – no need to switch between different stretcher systems when changing transportation modes
Medical device bridge adjustable to meet different aircraft and helicopter requirements
Individually adjustable and interchangeable medical devices
Integrated oxygen tank with priority valve for external oxygen
Adjustable backrest with folding armrests
Integrated interface to secure stretcher to aircraft, helicopter and ambulance
Retractable handles and wheels
Lightweight and compact dimensions
Harness belt with hip and leg straps
Designed according to EASA CS 23, 25, 27 and 29
Tested and approved according to TSFS 2010:2 (20G), EN1865, EN1789 and MDD 93/42/EEC

Turn-key solution with or without Medical Devices
Full medical interior or as an add on to existing medical interior
For most fixed- and rotor wing aircraft, both civil and military

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